Nagano Snow Shuttle – Agent Registration

  1. Fares
    1. All fares in this portal are retail rates. Agents will be invoiced at retail rates less contacted commission.
  2. Seat Availability
    1. Seat availability is shown in real time on agent portal
  3. Reservations
    1. All reservation must be processed through the Nagano Snow Shuttle agent portal.
    2. Agent reservations cannot be made by phone, email or fax.
  4. Reservation Management
    1. Agent is solely responsible for maintaining their reservation data in the agent portal.
    2. Agent accepts responsibility for errors in reservations, and understands that Nagano Snow Shuttle may not be able to transfer passengers on their desired shuttle if the date, time, number of passengers, are incorrect.
    3. Invoices will be issued for all live reservations in the reservation portal as well as designated cancellation fees.
    4. Wholesale Agents are responsible for providing correct information to contracting sub-agents.
  5. Check In
    1. All passengers must check in and be ready to board the bus at least 10 minutes before departure from ski resorts and 15 minutes before departure from Airports. Failure to do so may result in the cancellation of the reservation.
  6. Documentation
    1. Apart from when when we use outside suppliers, tickets or coupons will not be issued
    2. All agent issued confirmations must clearly state the following
      1. Nagano Snow Shuttle Reference Number
      2. Lead Passengers Name
      3. Date of transfer
      4. Departure Location and Time
      5. Destination
      6. Luggage allowance of 2 items per passenger
    3. Please include the JHN Travel Office number (+81-261-75-5360) as a contact number in case the customer requires assistance.
  7. Payment
    1. All transfers are invoiced in arrears
    2. Invoices are issued twice monthly during operational period and are due for payment within 2 weeks of issue.
    3. For agents paying from Non-Japanese bank accounts, a surcharge of 4,500yen must be added to each invoice to cover bank transfer fees. To minimize fees, agents may make a lump sum payment prior to the season commencing that can be credited to bookings.
    4. Credit Card payments are subject to a 2.5% surcharge.
  8. Traffic and Weather Delays
    1. While all effort is made to operate services on time, JHN Travel Ltd accepts no liability for delays or missed connections due to causes outside of the control of JHN Travel Ltd. This includes, but is not limited to, traffic delays and adverse weather conditions.
  9. Cancellation of Service
    1. If a situation dictates that a full service may not be possible, JHN Travel may provide the customer with alternative options.
      In such cases:

      1. If the customer decides to cancel their reservation with JHN travel before the commencement of any service, and not utilize any services provided by JHN travel, then the fare will be refunded in full.
      2. If the customer decides to terminate their travel after the commencement of any service, then no refund will be issued.
      3. If JHN Travel is only able to provide a partial service, then JHN Travel will refund up to 75% of the fare after factoring in the distance travelled, amount of time the service has been provided, and the duration of the service provided.
      4. JHN Travel will inform the agent as soon as possible of any service cancellations, or partial operations.
  10. Flight delays
    1. The decision on whether to wait for a delayed flight is at the sole discretion of JHN Travel Ltd
    2. Passengers who miss their bus connection due to flight have 2 options.
      1. Travel free of charge on a standby basis on the next available shuttle. If passengers choose this option, then they will not be guaranteed a seat until check in closes, immediately prior to bus departure. Full fare paying passengers have priority over standby passengers.
      2. Purchase a new ticket (guaranteeing a seat).
    3. No refunds will be given for passengers who miss their connections due to flight delays. Compensation must be claimed from the airline that causes the delay. Nagano Snow Shuttle will provide, on request, a letter stating that the passenger did not take the shuttle is reserved.
  11. Marketing and Branding
    1. JHN Travel Ltd warrants that it will not provide marketing or other materials to passengers that may be perceived as attempting to entice the passenger to purchase future travel services directly through JHN Travel Ltd.
    2. JHN Travel Ltd warrants that it will only contact customers directly if urgently required. JHN Travel Ltd will not market directly to passengers booked through an agent.
  12. Cancellation Fees
    1. Definition
      1. “Change” refers to any alteration of reservation that does not decrease the value of said reservation. If the alteration decreases the value of a reservation, then the cancellation fees listed will be applied to the difference in fare.
    2. Changes to reservations can be made free of charge until 5PM Japan Standard time 7 days before date of travel.
    3. Changes to reservation made less than 7 days but more than 3 days incur a change fee of 2,000yen per person. This fee is commissionable if paid by the agent, however it is not commissionable if the passenger arranges their change directly with Nagano Snow Shuttle.
    4. Changes cannot be made to reservations after 5PM Japan Standard time 3 days before date of travel. In such cases a new reservation must be made, and cancellation fees will not be waived.
  13. Flight Connections
    1. Flight Arrivals (Narita Airport)
        1. Please allow a minimum of 60 minutes if arriving at terminal 2, or 85 minutes if arriving at terminal 1 or 3
    2. Flight Arrivals (Haneda Airport)
        1. Please allow a minimum of 60 minutes if arriving at the International Terminal, or 75 minutes if arriving at terminal 1 or 2
    3. International Flight Departures (all airports)
        1. Please allow 120 minutes between bus arrival and flight departure.
  14. Alcohol and Smoking
      1. Alcohol is not to be consumed on any Nagano Snow Shuttle Service
      2. Intoxicated passengers will be denied boarding
      3. All Nagano Snow Shuttle services are non-smoking
  15. Insurance
      1. Travel insurance is strongly recommended to cover missed connections
  16. Non-Disclosure
      1. Both JHN Travel Ltd, and contacting travel agents are to treat all information regarding passengers’ personal details, commission rates and other incentives as confidential.